Did you not train much this winter?

Spring is here! One day there was sunshine, little wind and more than 5 degrees celcius and my body started to vibrate. So I took the decision and took off on a training trip on my road bike.

As in the good old days I started out to train in a gear even Boonen would envy me. A swing to the right and all of a sudden I had a steady wind right in my face. The wind was not so dramatic, but the wind made my pace go down so I would remind you of a hair dresser on his way for lunch.

I did forget one important detail. I did not trained that much throughout the winter. Actually, I have been insane happy if I could go for a trip every other week. Yes you read correctly. Not much triaining for me and in this beautiful "Spring Day" I got a clear message about where I stood.

Since I became the father of my second daughter in September my time has been used changing nappiesĀ  and cozy moments middle of the night. I had only little time to train so I have been practiced some running this winter as it is done faster than training on the bike.

How some Elite Bike Riders are able to be a new father and simultaneously perform and get good results in bicycle races is a very good question. Some mothers must take care of all the work at home, otherwise it is not possible to do the amount of training needed to perform as an Ellite Bike Rider.

I am happy with the choices I made when I was active and focused on the bike. After I stopped back in 2003 I focused on other aspects of life, including life as a father and not at least to be an active player in the duties arising naturally when you bring new life to the world. That is part of bringing new life to the world I think. Oh where were I?

Have you not been trained as much as you think you should there is still time if you are a recreational bike rider. If you are a recreational bike rider and has planned a training camp late in May you till have som time. Within 8-12 weeks of time you can build up a training plan for you to get to a very acceptable level so you can manage to benefit from the training camp.

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