What is individual group training for cycling?

Can an individual training program be integrated in club training?

More and more bike riders are aware that the individual training for cycling is very important to reach a peak performance. That is probably why more and more bike riders ask us if the individual training for cycling can be integrated into the group training.

There is a tendency that bike riders who often train together with others are led on by the mutual training, which has been coordinated for the specific training day. Many are led on by the other persons or people, whom they train with. For these specific bike riders the individual group training for cycling is impossible.

Without an individual training program a bike rider rarely reaches peak performance, if the rider slaves away following an exercise - or cycling club mutual training, which is often monotonous in its structure and/or structured in order to offer tough interval training. However, more and more clubs are starting to realize the importance of varied training. Both with and without interval training.

An actual peak performance can best be achieved by dosing your training amount and intensity progressively towards a goal. But above all, you should build up specific individualtraining in order to get the most optimal results.

I often see examples of riders who diligently follow mutual training in a fitness center or cycling club. This group of riders can have a tendency to over train, because the body’s own signals are ignored in favor of mutual training having to work out.

Can an individual training program be integrated in group training?This group of riders train out of desire and without actual goals, this attitude is not wrong, but the big performance improvements are really not reached following this kind of training. The rider who lacks the important rest days and weeks in order to have a harmonious training plan risks not achieving any physical improvement, even though the rider trains very hard and a lot during a whole cycling season.

The unique individual training plan is an absolute necessity in order to achieve noticeable improvements over time for the rider in question. For the rider who listens to their body and targets their training according to their own ability, preferences and level, these cyclists are the ones who achieve the best results.

The question was:

Can an individual training program be integrated in group training?

The answer is a simple:

YES!

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