Bike Fit Nice To Know Position Tips

When the bike fit is set up correctly you should not worry about injuries as your position on the bike is very good and let your muschles work accordingly. When looking at the bike fit your position on the bike is controlled by the 3 support points when you ride your bike:

  1. You sit on the saddle (at least mostly)
  2. Feet step on the pedals
  3. Your hands hold the handle bars

These 3 support points are the points, which are important with regards to sitting correctly on your bike. The distance and angle between each point is crucial to the correct set up of your bike and of course should be adjusted in proportion to your physical measurements.

Bike Fit Nice To Know Position Tip 1

The angle of your bike’s frame should fit your height. On a road racing bike the angle of the seat pillar in relation to horizontal is between 73-75 degrees. As your starting point, a person with long legs should have a bike, where the seat pillar leans more. If you have short legs, it is better to have a slightly steeper bike. Most bike makers are aware of this and the angle of the seat pillar varies in proportion to the size of the frame.

Bike Fit Nice To Know Position Tip 2

These factors should be consistent with the length of your pedal arms. When you sit on your bike and your pedal arm points horizontally forward your knee should be placed in a vertical line over the pedal. This gives you natural pedalling as well as transferring maximum force down onto the pedals. With this little tip in mind you can probably see that it is crucial which angle your bike frame has and what length your pedal arm has.

Most bikes are delivered with a standard pedal arm length, but you should be fussy when buying a new bike. Also that your bike should be fitted a pedal arm length suitable for your particular requirement.

Your choice of pedal arm length can vary from your regular road bike to your time trial bike and again be different on your mountain bike.

Having your bike adjusted exactly for you needs is very important in order to improve your performances. A wrong adjustment of your bike can give lasting physical injuries which typically reveal themselves as:

  • Bad back
  • Weak knees
  • Tension in shoulders and neck
  • Unnecessary sore muscles

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