Eat more often

There are many ways to regulate your metabolism. It is obvious that an increased or more intensive training can further boost the way you burn energy, but simply your eating habits alone can also change your burning of energy pattern.

You can increase your burning of energy by:

These actions increases your burning of energy, but you will also be able to control your weight more easily. Also you will be able to feel an increased energy through the day instead of your stomach becoming “overloaded” for shorter periods. By eating 6 meals instead of 3 meals your body’s burning of energy is increased.

You can actually lose weight simply by eating fewer helpings more often, and in this way turn up your ability to burn energy. The slightly smaller meals should consist of the right nutrition and not a cookie from the bakery. Rather take an apple or a coarse roll. This is probably an advice you have heard and read about before many times, but you only know when you have made it nourishment wise the day you sit in front of a table filled with cakes and you feel slightly sick at the sight and thought of them.

This is because you cannot eat sweet things and fatty food. A yummy Swiss roll from the baker can be very tasty. But when you focus more on health over a longer stretch of time, then in time it will dawn on you that you actually are sitting there and thinking the Swiss roll from the baker is a little sickly.