Club Cycling with Individual Conciderations

Some individual training adjustments must be concidered in any club cycling training plan. Mutual training in club cycling should absolutely not be omitted in favor of training alone.

That would lead to riders training in smaller groups or separately, which perhaps in the short term benefits them, but will be harmful to their mutual training and club spirit. Ultimately, it is not beneficial for the rider to train too often on their own. In the long term, most road bike riders are motivated by being together with others and training as a group.

Despite having a week’s rest and not training interval training during the day in question, then attend mutual training anyway. Participate in the club cycling training, but omit riding the intervals that the others are doing. Usually when a couple of riders are not training so hard on the day in question, then you can ride on in advance and join the group again when a given interval is ended.

The following week, it might be you riding tough intervals at the club training and other riders who need to rest. This is okay and can easily be integrated in mutual training. All it takes is for every rider who turns up at the club training to be aware of this important detail and the route can be planned in accordance to this. If you are a member of an exercise or cycling club then it is a good idea to involve the responsible coach with this information. At the top right of this article you can immediately send a link to this article via e-mail to your club coach.

It may also be that you train in a club, where one does not do interval training, which is typical for an exercise club. Therefore you should consider, if you should train with the team that you usually do, during a day or a week where you are not going to train so hard. Otherwise, you will not achieve the important recovery periods in your training course.

Attention! On a recovery day or recovery week, it is a good idea to train with a group, who have a slightly lower level than you normally have. Pay attention if you train a day or perhaps a whole week together with a group who have a lower level than you, as it is them who set the tempo and not you. You will soon become unpopular, if you want to show them you are the strongest. You need to adapt to their method of training. Otherwise, you ought to ride by yourself on the days you train with low intensity.

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