Interval training example

It is a good idea to build up a training week containing a day of training with two types of intervals.

  • You should have a day during the week, where you train with short intervals of 15-90 seconds. On this day you ride approx. ½-1 hours warm up in medium range tempo. You then typically ride 5 x 60 second intervals (remember to rest between every interval) and after this ride a 5 x 90 second interval. As the training day contains intervals, the length of the training trip should be medium long and you should not do tough riding the rest of the day, when the intervals have been done! If you train in a group, it is therefore important that everyone agrees on this procedure.
  • You should also have a day where you train a little longer interval type. On this day you typically ride approx. a ½-1 hour warm up session in medium range tempo. You should ride typically 2 x 3 minutes and 2 x 5 minutes. Remember resting periods between each interval.

Attention! It is physiologically proved via tests on athletes that you can improve your time trial qualities and increase your max capacity by training approx. 6 intervals of approx. 5 minutes during a 500 km training week. In other words, the short intervals are not a condition in order to increase your physical capability, but the short intervals can help you increase your speed when sprinting and the ability to close the gap on a group of racing cyclists in front of you, which is a typical competitive situation.

  • The example above is a general example and should only be used as inspiration. It is necessary for riders of ALL levels to take their point of departure in their own development- and training course and adapt their interval training to best suit their individual situation.

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