Max pulse test

Measure your max pulse by taking a max pulse test to confirm your pulse’s training zones. When you want to confirm your max pulse, it is important that you find your max pulse in the sport you are going to use the result. Your max pulse can be different from sport to sport.

Here is a guide how to find your max pulse within the field of cycling training:

Measurement of maximum heart rate:

You should sit up on a turbo trainer to bring you a smooth line, and do not have hills, wind and other disruptive elements.

Tip 1:

If you do not have pulse meter, you can count your pulse through halspulsåren at 15 seconds and started with 4

Tip 2:

You can count your OPM by counting your pedal omrejninger at 15 seconds and palate with 4

Tip 3:

The test must be performed with pedal revolutions at 80-100 OPM

NB! Your Max Pulse is NOT always the same! Your Max Pulse decreasing as you get older and decreases with that you get in better shape! therefore recommend that you measure your Max Pulse current, approx. 1 once a month! Then you should re-calculate your training zones might change with Your Pulse Zone Calculator!

OPM = revolutions Per Minute

Before testing:

  • Avoid training prior to the test
  • Make sure your legs are as fresh as possible
  • Ensure that you sleep and eat proper food the day before
  • Avoid caffeine, coffee, tea and sports drinks
  • Be sure to make a proper heating

1. Make a good warmup for about 15-30 minutes, including a few brief periods with the smaller and larger loads.

2. Choose a constant speed and a load equivalent to ride out on a road in a minute. Increase the load stable for every 30 seconds and keep the pace.

3. When you are unable to keep pace longer, increase the load for the last time and continue cycling until you are completely exhausted.

4. Now read your heart rate. If you do not have a Heart Rate Monitor you can count your heart beats for 15 seconds and multiply by 4. In some cases your heart rate increases shortly after the test is completed.

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