Training Zone Calculator

To calculate your trainig zones can take some time, but now you have this easy and free Training Zone Calculator. It is important that you take into account your resting heart rate (RHR) when you calculate your training zones! The gap between your resting heart rate and your AT* pulse rate is named the Pulse Reserve.

Using this Training Zone Calculator once a week it can tell if your Pulse Reserve extends as you improve your shape. If your Pulse Reserve extends your resting heart rate decreases and your AT* moves closer to your Max Heart Rate. You have a larger pulse area for your 5 training zones to be defined and you can work longer closer to your Max Heart Rate which is a huge advantage.

If you want to print your training zones, press print before calculation! The print button is placed in the bottom of this article.

Update the calculation using your Tabulator on the keyboard.

Training Zone Calculator

MaxHR. How to test
RestingHR:   How to test
Traning Zones based on your pulse reserve
Zone Traning Zones Zone description
Z1 Recovery
Z2 Basic endurance
Z3 Increased aerobic capacity
Z4 Anaerobic Threshold
Z5 Vo2max
Z6 Sprint, Maximum effort

Your hart is working in the following 6 zones pulse / training zones:

  • Zone 1 - 65% of PR - Recovery training zone.
  • Zone 2 - 65-72% of PR - Gives you a basic endurance training.
  • Zone 3 - 73-80% of PR - Gives you increased aerobic capacity.
  • Zone 4 - 84-90% of PR - About your anaerobic threshold AT*. The heart rate you can stay for an hour without getting lactic acid.
  • Zone 5 – 91-95 % af Vo2max
  • Zone 6 - 96-100% of PR - Sprint / Maximum effort.

PR = Pulse Reserve ( max heart rate - resting heart rate )

Formula: ( ( MHR - RHR ) * % ) + RHR = % of your Pulse Reserve

*   AT = Anaerobic Threshold
** MHR = Max Heart Rate
*** RHR = Resting Heart Rate
**** PR = Pulse Reserve

It is important to combine these 6 training zones in your trainingplan. You will never increase your capacity by simply train zone 1 and 2 Conversely, you will never get rest if you always train in Zone 4. Muscles and heart should always be calm to restore and build up to the next hard training session. The trick is to combine easy and hard training in the right quantities.


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