Heart zones

  • Zone 1 – 65 % of MP – Recovery training area.
  • Zone 2 – 65-72 % of MP – Gives you a fundamental persevering training.
  • Zone 3 – 73-80 % of MP – Gives you increased aerobic performance level.
  • Zone 4 – 84-90 % of MP – Approx. your lactate threshold. The pulse you can maintain for an hour without getting lactic acid.
  • Zone 5 – 91-100 % of MP - Sprint

It is important to combine these 5 pulse zones or training zones if you will. You will never increase your performance level by training zone 1 and 2. On the other hand, you will never rest if you e.g. always train in zone 4. The muscles and the heart should always have time to recover and build up to the next tough training pass. The trick is to combine light training with tough training in the correct amounts.

Do not train in the pulse area of 80-84 % of MP, as this is neither one thing nor the other. Many train in this particular area, which does not benefit anyone. Do not do it. Either/or, it should not be a pretext for doing nothing, but you should do light training (Zone 2) the final 5 min. towards the beginning of a given interval. Then you have the necessary energy to ride optimally during the actual interval.

Pulse Zones are defined to make it easier for Coaches to advise their athletes and for humans in general to relate to the beating Pulse and the effects it has to your body

Training intelligently means that you should think of the body as a whole, which has a portion of energy at its disposal on the actual training day. You should try to use this energy optimally in relation to your training plan.

You should generally stick to zone 2-3 on your training days. This gives you time to recover from day to day. One ought to train in zone 4 from time to time in order to increase your lactate performance level. Zone 4 is typically used for interval training and most often it is a good idea to finish off an interval with a sprint (zone 5).

For heavens sake do not study your heart rate monitor if you train intervals with others. It is way too dangerous, as it increases the risk of falling off. It is better to accompany the others and find some training partners who have the same sort of level as yourself.

Your easy days should be trained as zone 1.

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