Time Trial Plan

Your Time Trial Plan might look like this:

Your starting time is kl.09: 00 and you are alone:

  • 22:00 Go to bed
  • 06:00 Wake up
  • 06:15 Breakfast

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How to race a Time Trial

A cautious start in a Time Trial is always optimal:
  • Keep an effect which is about 5% lower than your usual average wattage figures developed under similar conditions in the first 4-5 minutes.

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Time Trial Rolling Resistance

Rolling resistance between tires and the road is often underestimated. The following affect your ability to bring the bike forward:

  • Tires orĀ Road Tubulars
  • Your wheel diameter 700c legally determined by UCI
  • Friction on the gear wheels, cleaning and lubricating regularly
  • Friction of chain and crane, and the butter regularly

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Time Trial Cadence and Cranck Arms Length

Longer Crank Arms than those you use on your normal Road Bike is often used at Time Trials. This is generally an advantage with respect to efficacy as you make use of leverage and make you able to push more watts into your pedals.

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