Use intermediate goals frequently in your cycling planning

When everyday life kicks in and e.g. winter or minor vagaries in the weather tease your psyche, it can be incredibly difficult to focus on an objective, which is several years in the future, or just on a goal you have in 4-5 months.

It is therefore of equal importance that you set small intermediate goals all the way down to a daily basis.

Intermediate goals in this context are not necessarily performances on your bike. It could be of another kind. You can e.g. have as an intermediate goal that you want to cycle to and from work 3 days a week out of the 5 weekdays. Or that you every week during the winter months should go on a training trip for at least 3 hours. These two examples are really good, as they do not put demands on timing or physical intensity. In this way you have plenty of chances to move your training days and rest days around, so they fit in with other activities during the week.

These are only intermediate goasl you have set yourself. It is also important to limit oneself. It is very important not to set yourself too many intermediate goals in this way, so you kind of feel pressure in relation to these. It is also important that you despite the flexibility, I am proposing, build up some stability into your training week. For the majority of people it will be possible to build up in a relatively similar way, in spite of tough training. Or if you are thinking of doing long, short or a totally different sort of training.

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