The cycling seasons objective

When you have cleared up your overall motivation factor and what your overall objective is, then is it time to work out your goals for the season.
It is important that the cycling seasons objective is measurable and that it is clearly defined.

The purpose of the cycling seasons objective is to get you to focus on goals that are 1 year into the future. This is a point you can use as a motivation factor in your preparation.

Your goals for the season should be coordinated with your overall objective. Your goals during the season should be demanding on their own, and should be an intermediate aim in relation to your overall objective. They should be goals that you know you can handle, if your training effort is good, and you perhaps have luck on your side.

Your goals for the season are the goals you should focus on the majority of the time during a season.

Setting the cycling seasons objectives needs good planningYou will become good at what you put your mind to. This focus can in itself give the drive that is needed to be able to achieve the seasons goals, but your overall objective should float in your consciousness as the thing that drives you on to improve.

The cycling seasons objectives will often be a placement in a certain cycling- or exercise race. Or it could be a goal of wanting to climb a certain mountain at a certain time, which is one of the seasons goals.

As a beginner exerciser, it can be an objective in itself just to compete in an exercise race. Depending on your level you should clearly define what goals you want to set yourself as your seasons goals.

Unlike the overall objective, it is important to set yourself several goals for the season. In this way you constantly focus on the future and the next goal you have set yourself.

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