Your overall cycling goal

Now we are moving away from feelings and towards the slightly more tangible things - dreams.

Finding your overall cycling goal is intended to create a measurable and precisely defined goal, which can keep you motivated to continually want to develop yourself and your cycling performances.

In the overall motivating factor we talked about feelings.

The overall cycling goal should be something measurable. The goal should be clearly defined and tangible. At the same time, the goal should be a suitable distance away so that you will feel that it is like a dream and maybe a little unreal when you achieve the goal. It should not be a goal, which is currently possible for you to achieve, but a goal you should have to work to achieve.

Please notice that the word “goal” has been written in singular, which means that you should only find one overall measurable goal. This is necessary in order to summon up the right amount of focus concerning this goal.

By choosing several overall goals and thereby focusing broadly your chances are reduced in achieving just one of the goals. Your future goals become more unclear by setting up many goals, when everyday life kicks in. Choose one overall goal. By doing this your chances of achieving your goal has the best chance of succeeding.

Many people have a tendency of being afraid of planning a single overall goal, as they are afraid of not being able to fulfill their own or others expectations in relation to this single goal. It is exactly in this phase that many people fall into the temptation of focusing broadly and thereby losing the huge advantage by focusing only on one point. What is the worst that can happen? That you fail to reach this single goal and become depressed, because you could not fulfill your dreams?

Let me say it bluntly: It is never wrong to set up a goal and fail. You should also think about that this is an overall goal including many other smaller goals, where you can succeed. If you do not fulfill your overall cyacling goal you can actually learn a lot from it. You learn things about your physical and mental possibilities and possible limitations, which must be taken into consideration in your future planning. But you also learn a little bit about, what decisions and priorities you should make in any developmental process, not least which choices and blend of options that works best for you.

Back to the overall objective:

You should now set yourself an overall objective.

This objective should be at least a year and preferably several years in the future. If e.g. you want to become a professional racing cyclist, then this is your overall objective.

If you are an recreational rider your overall objective could e.g. be to complete a long recreational cycling race or perhaps just a minor recreational cycling race. However, the most important thing is that the objective is realistic in relation to your abilities, your involvement and your will to sacrifice the necessary time that is required. But the objective should be suitably dreamy for you to push yourself a little to achieve the goal.

It is just as important that the goal is measurable. Often it is a good idea to receive help for this part by a seasoned trainer or another experienced rider in order to assess your desires. It is extremely difficult to define a realistic, but still dreamy goal.

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