How mental visualization can help you

One ef the most widely used techniques in mental training is visualization. But in reality it is much more than visualization. You must not only see the situation befor you, but listen, feel, touch, taste and smell may be it for you. The more senses and more empathy you use, the better mentally prepared, you are to improve. It is not woth to throw yourself into a big task if you think you can not handle it.

How mental visualization can help you

  • To prepare the brain to the situation and will therefore not be as frightening and unknown to you.
  • It's about you have to convince yourself that you can achieve your goal
  • You must first and foremost think positively, listen to your inner dialogue and be aware of your body language
  • Avoid using the word "not" and maintain a positive posture: head up, right backs shoot chest forward. That way you not only signifies the confidence and courage to go on the outside world, but you also send the same signals to the brain.

Many throw themselves into the roles and just thinking "that it probably should go." This perhaps makes it, but why leave the outcome to chances whether you perform the important goal you have set if you can improve the chances significantly with mental training?

All performances in sports, at work or in private life starts with your mental attitude. Mental training go short of creating performance in the minds of yourself before you are actually doing it. This means that you prepare yourself on performance, to convince yourself whether it is feasible, and enter the situation and seeing it as if it is done right now.

The first important step to achieve a desired goal is preparation. You know that you must prepare a lot of practical things when you have to do something important. Is the material right? What time should you be there before the start? etc. The practical thing is one thing, but it applies also to prepare the top of the head. Get cleaned up in all the unnecessary things and there is room for that and clear things up so everything is in place inside your head and be prepared for the unexpected things that may appear. Then you know how to act in such situations.

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